About Me

I once heard that empathy blossomed in society with the invention of the printing press.

Having a less-than-perfect childhood, I devoured books from a very young age, escaping into different worlds and exploring each character’s range of emotions. I believe books are the best way to safely make sense of all the wonderful and scary parts of this world, its inhabitants, and ourselves. I hope my stories make you laugh out loud, shed a tear and reflect on what it means to be human.

I am a writer, volunteer, and advocate for connecting kids with books. After a stint in the corporate world as an instructional designer, I rediscovered my love for children’s literature when forming book clubs for my two daughters in elementary school. This passion turned into the website www.bookwormmom.com and many years volunteering with the largest reading program in Canada. I now write my own stories in hopes of helping others sort through big emotions within the safety of the written word.
When my nose isn’t buried in a book, you can find me crocheting, gardening or walking our pup at the Humber River near where I live with my husband and two grown daughters.