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After years of volunteering in the literary world, I am beginning my own journey of writing. My essays, poems and debut novel explore the most personal of emotions, which I believe are also the most universal.

Below is a teaser for my novel currently out for query. I hope you enjoy reading it as well as the rest of my site. Sign up for my mailing list to stay in touch!

When ten-year-old Dorrie went outside to play that morning, she never expected how the day would end up. Witnessing Charlie’s death turned Dorrie’s world upside down. Who would listen to her now that her beloved older brother was gone? 

Dorrie’s other brother and sisters think of her as the baby of the family and don’t pay much attention to her. But Dorrie sees more than most people, including the boy who ran her brother down in the street. Will the police let her testify and bring the criminal to justice or will his rich family help him evade the law? What can help Dorrie and her family work through their grief? Perhaps Dorrie’s new friend will show her how to move on and still keep Charlie’s memory close to her heart. 

Set in depression-era Virginia, In the Blink of an Eye explores how death affects a family and friendships help us through dark times.

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